Quality, therapeutic client focused massage for your wellness. Our certified Massage therapists will personalize a massage session that is just right for you. Call now and leave behind the stress of deadlines of hectic schedules.
Excellent for all skin types and an ideal monthly regimen to maintain healthy skin. Our licensed aestheticians will customize your treatment so you enjoy a clean, bright complexion. Call now & experience a dramatic difference in the quality of your skin!
1 Hour
Our signature Hot Stone Massage follows the same principles of Swedish massage with the addition of heated stones. Adding heat to your massage enhances the feeling of deep relaxation & peace. Call now to book this soothing session & melt away stress & tension!

We all know that stress is a major contributor when it comes to a variety of health issues but chronic stress can also affect your relationships. More and more research proves that stress can be a relationship “killer.”

A 2015 Swiss study showed that relationships are worse off when people are under stress. Researchers surveyed over 100 couples about their stress over the previous year and found that “external stress—conflicts with friends, financial problems, long work hours—bled over into their relationships. The more daily hassles participants experienced outside the home, the more stress they had in their relationship and the less satisfied they felt with it. Women’s external stress was particularly detrimental, linked not only to their own relationship stress and dissatisfaction but to men’s as well.”

The top way to combat external stress’ impact on your relationship? Support! A follow-up Swiss study showed that when a stressed partner fails to get the support he or she needs, they feel isolated or ignored by their partner. If both partners are stressed—as is so often the case when modern couples juggle work and family—this is even more likely to happen.

So what can you do? Make it a point to talk out your problems with each other and ensure your partner that you have their back. Dr. Michael Mantell, PhD and national presenter and media spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, suggested five tips to save your relationship from stress.

1. Create a plan on how you as a couple can overcome negative reactivity

2. Take measures to reduce your own stress levels through yoga or regular massage

3. Encourage your partner to R-E-L-A-X

4. Prioritize your commitment to each other

5. Ask for help

At Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, we’re in the de-stress business so we know that regular massage is proven to help overcome stress. Study after study proves that massage can help reduce stress. And what can be better than sharing regular massage together?

Our spas have a dedicated couple’s room so our couples can enjoy massages together. Many of our happy, loving couples simply book time together but enjoy separate massage or facials to help them recharge at their own pace. What’s better for a stress-free date night than an early dinner followed by a relaxing massage or facial?

We’ve made it affordable too! Many Hand & Stone spas offer a substantial spouse or family discount. And what could be better than showing your love a little love on Valentines and giving them a spa package to de-stress. It’s a win-win-win for your partner, for you, and for your relationship.

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