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Quality, therapeutic client focused massage for your wellness. Our certified Massage therapists will personalize a massage session that is just right for you. Call now and leave behind the stress of deadlines of hectic schedules.
Excellent for all skin types and an ideal monthly regimen to maintain healthy skin. Our licensed aestheticians will customize your treatment so you enjoy a clean, bright complexion. Call now & experience a dramatic difference in the quality of your skin!
1 Hour
Our signature Hot Stone Massage follows the same principles of Swedish massage with the addition of heated stones. Adding heat to your massage enhances the feeling of deep relaxation & peace. Call now to book this soothing session & melt away stress & tension!


dermonline.jpg    Hand and Stone carries a full line of Dermalogica® products to complement our Facial Services. These products are free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances. Take on your most pressing skin concerns with the following treatment-specific regimens:



Skin Health

Start with Dermalogica's skin health essentials, designed to deliver your best skin daily. The Skin Health line is the base products for our
Signature Facials.

  Jumpstart your healthy skin regimen with a Dermalogica Face Mapping® Skin Analysis. The acclaimed zone-by-zone analysis that's helped thousands address skin care concerns and start seeing results. Ask your Hand & Stone Esthetician how Dermalogica® can change your skin forever.


Treat the multiple triggers behind inflammation for lasting relief from sensitivity flare-ups. Used in our Sensitive Skin Facial.


Medibac Clearing®

Clearer skin starts now; bring the four contributing factors of acne under control. We feature Medibac Clearing® in our Detox Facial.


Age Smart®

Firm your skin to smooth away the signs of skin aging. Control aging triggers before they start. Used in our Anti-Aging Collagen Facial.



ClarityWeb.jpgWith over 28 years of experience, ClarityRx® has become a trusted brand in the skin care industry, delivering results for all skin types through their organic-based product line. Providing formulas that cleanse, correct, hydrate, lubricate and protect, ClarityRx® has found the key to unlocking beautiful, clear and youthful skin. Hand and Stone features ClarityRx®, a true pharmaceutical grade product line, at all locations. Our customized facials utilize these products plus targeted treatments.


Cleanse Daily™ - Vitamin-Infused Cleanser
A gentle but powerful cleanser enriched with a combination of Rose Hip Seed, Olive Oil, Seaweed, and other essential oils to provide a complete spectrum of skin nourishment and protection every time you cleanse. Your skin is left glowing and renewed.


Take Your Vitamins™ -
Daily Mineral Spray for Thirsty Skin

Packed with over seventy essential minerals, Hydra Spray is formulated to nourish and soothe the skin after exfoliating and provides instant, cooling relief. A convenient moisturizing spray for air travel and drier climates.


Get Clean™ - Crushed Bamboo Exfoliator
Finely ground bamboo, jojoba beads, rosemary, calendula and cucumber lift away dull, dry skin for improved texture and healthy clarity for all skin types.


Daily Dose of Water™ - Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum
Our best selling product which is applied right before moisturizing. It provides unsurpassed hydration, softens skin and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Call Me in the Morning™ - Soothing Recovery Cream
This day cream is a moisturizing under make-up cream for all skin types. It smoothes and refines the skin, priming it for makeup. It is recommended as part of a highly effective skin care program.


Easy on the Eyes™ Smoothing Cream
This formula contains an active complex of soy and rice peptides, yeast protein, hyaluronic acid, and seaweed extract. A powerful combination designed to target fine lines, bags and circles, while providing superior protection against UV damage.



Sun Care Collection
by Hand & Stone

The Hand & Stone Sun Care Collection is a luxurious trio of products made with the purest, safest, naturally-sourced ingredients to provide a healthy way to protect and nourish your body. It's Paraben-Free, No Artificial Colors or Fragrances and Cruelty Free with No Animal Testing.


Sol Shine™
Natural SPF 30 Sunblock

Sol Shine™ Natural SPF 30 Sunblock is a UVA-UVB Broad Spectrum Sunblock with SPF 30, protecting the body’s largest organ from sun damage such as burning and aging. It is developed with a safe, non-irritating, highly effective formula.


Sol Conservar™
After Sun Glow Body Lotion

Sol Conservar™ After Sun Glow Body Lotion hydrates, nourishes and soothes sun-drenched skin to provide skin with a healthy glow after sun exposure


Sol Soft™
Protective Lip Balm

Sol Soft™ Protective Lip Balm includes SPF 15 sunscreen to shield lips from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent dryness.

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